Multiple Teams · MS Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament information

MS Boys and Girls Basketball players will be bringing home information on tickets for the tournament. Please ask them about it.

Boys play @ Bath

Girls play @ Elida


MS Boys Basketball Info:
All codes can purchase up to 4 tickets. Codes will be sent home with each player and coach.
All games will be split session.
Tickets can be purchased the day before.


MS Girls Basketball Info:
Your 7th and 8th graders will use the same codes for every game they play @ Elida. Codes will be sent home with each athlete.
The codes will allow parents to purchase 3 tickets if they are playing at the Elida middle school and 6 tickets if they are playing at Elida high school.
All games will be a split session.

Elida will not allow anyone to enter the gym until it is cleared.
Just a reminder from Elida AD, if a game is cancelled, parents will only receive the price of the ticket refunded.  The fees will not be refunded.
Elida is encouraging families to wait to purchase tickets.

Tickets can be purchased 48 hours before the event.
Go to
The link is on the home page under news and announcements and it is also in the middle of the athletic page.
Pick your event, click on the get tickets link and enter the code your athlete was given.